Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ma Hood Stories and My Plans to Live to be at Least 95!

My grandmother lived to be 95 years old. She spent the last five years of her life in a nursing home. Before that, she was at home. There were a few years when she bounced around from child to child's house while she recovered from a broken hip, but she did move back home for a few years.

In a post a few days ago, I promised that I'd share the story that was triggered by my steps walking through the house counting as exercise comment.

Now for that story:
My dad always tried to drop by and check on her daily. Sometimes, I or my sister would do drop in and visit with her. We would ask her what she'd been doing that day. She would often say, "Well, I've walked all over this house three times today!" Her house was a tiny little house, but it was special because it was Ma's house. I would venture to guess it was about 900-1100 sq. ft. As a teenager, I could "walk all over the house" in less than two minutes. But, that was Ma's exercise and she felt accomplished after doing so. At least she wasn't sitting in the chair all day long.

She wouldn't sit in her living room. She had a tv in her bedroom along with an old ladder back chair with a cane bottom. When she wasn't in the kitchen, she was sitting in her bedroom, quilting or crocheting. If we went to visit, we'd sit either on her bed or in the other ladder back chair in the room.

She lived a quiet life as one would imagine. Though she had the tv in her room, she rarely watched much of it. I remember one day, I turned it on and Sanford and Son was on. She shook her head and pssshed saying that she didn't want to watch that because she just couldn't bring herself to watch a dead person.

She loved Wheel of Fortune. She'd also watch the news. She'd watch the news, then Wheel of Fortune, then turn it off and get ready for bed. At one point, she said the news was getting too bad. "I'm going to stop watching the news because there's never anything but bad news on it!" So, she did! She would turn the tv on and watch Wheel of Fortune, then turn it off and go to bed! I always laugh and say that's why I don't watch the news. I take after her.

Maybe if I walk all over the house on a daily basis and don't watch the news and go to bed early, I'll live longer. I'll skip her other habits of drinking buttermilk with every evening meal and taking BC powders for headaches.

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  1. Your grandma sounds a bit like mine, even down to the drinking buttermilk-blech! Maybe there was something to it, she lived to 87.


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