Saturday, February 8, 2014


Teen had some friends over yesterday evening for some hanging out time. As C was talking to his dad giving him directions for how to get to our house to pick him up, he came to me and said, "my dad wants to talk to you." I was thinking he wanted my directions, but nope, he asked if we liked eggs! He explained they had chickens and more eggs than they could use right now so he was bringing me some! Ok! Yes!
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I love fresh eggs! Just the idea of fresh eggs is so novel to me! Fresh eggs just aren't that easy to come by unless you have a source! The first time I ever really had any was in Kansas when someone from church shared a dozen eggs with us. They are so much better than store bought! In New Jersey, another mom of one of Teen's friends gave me another dozen. That's not often enough! I didn't know of a good source other than occasional friends for buying fresh eggs. I've looked into it before but haven't gone as far as being really serious finding a source and buying fresh eggs more often. Instead, I've been buying the supposedly better for you brown eggs from the grocery store.

According the C's dad, they have so many from their sixteen chickens, they are going to have to start selling them. He said if I want more, just to let him know! Oh, I will!

Breakfast this morning was an omelet! Soo good!


  1. Have you ever cracked a fresh egg at the same time as a store bought and compared them? It amazes me how much better the color is in the fresh one.

    1. No, I've only compared my store bought white eggs to my store bought brown eggs.

  2. This was my favorite part: "supposedly better for you brown eggs"
    That is so neat though! I don't know that I've ever had fresh eggs. EVER!

    1. haha! Well, you know they say you can't believe everything you read on a package. "Cage free and farm fresh" really doesn't mean much on a carton of store bought eggs. ;) Brown eggs from the store do have a much darker yolk than the traditional white ones. I would still take fresh eggs from a local source over store bought any day!


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