Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer's figs

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Mom and Dad have a fig tree in their backyard that was full of delicious ripe figs when we were there last week!
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Mom told me that if I wanted to pick any, I could have whatever I wanted. I already knew that because they have always given us any of the blessings from their harvests.
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I was more than willing to tackle the job because I knew two end results would come from the task:

- all the figs my tummy could handle me eating straight from the tree
- fresh fig preserves canned and coming home with me to enjoy this next year

So, the following day, I picked figs. Why is it that all the best fruit is at the top of a tree? Out came the ladder...
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You all should feel lucky that I'm posting Au' naturel, a no shower, no makeup, no styled hair photo on the blog!

Speaking of Au' naturel, aren't these beauties?
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I picked until my bowl (and belly) could hold no more, then took them in the house and waited for Mom to tell me what to do with them! ;)
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We cut the figs into quarters and sprinkled sugar on top to let them sit and to let syrup form. After a few hours, we put the figs and syrup mixture on the stovetop in a thick boiler. Then we heated and stirred and heated and stirred and took turn stirring because the steam was hot and our arms were tired from stirring.

Sorry for dark and pixelly iPhone photos. My phone doesn't like dark places!
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We heated and stirred until the fig preserves were a good consistency, then we put them into hot mason jars and sealed them.
Our first batch of figs yielded five pints of fig preserves. Another batch made three for me.

These will be so good this winter on homemade biscuits. Also, I discovered while in Mom's kitchen that day hot fig preserves are yummy on ice cream!


  1. I don't think I've ever had figs, what do they taste like?

  2. Well, that's hard to answer because my immediate thought was they taste like figs! lol They have a lot of texture to them as they are seedy inside but not bad seedy if that makes sense. My family has always eaten them whole with the skin included. The fact that the skin is eaten adds to the texture because there's a hint of fuzziness which feels dry vs the juiciness of the inside. They are very sweet depending on their ripeness. I can't think of any other fruit to compare the taste to in order to describe it. You should try some! Just remember what I said about lots of texture! The boys thought they were weird at first because of all that, but the agreed the figs were really sweet and tasted good!


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