Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Chocolate Cannoli via Cake Boss Cafe

Son2 shares my sweet tooth. I could live without cakes and pastries, just going for candy and chocolate. He loves it all!
So, when we noticed that Cake Boss Cafe was open at PABT where we always exit the bus and hit the streets, we decided to stop in for a treat.
 photo nyIMG_9463_zps2c7353f1.jpg

Though Buddy wasn't there in person, the boys were still able to get a photo with him.
"My Buddy", the song from that old commercial was stuck in my head after this. lol
 photo nyIMG_9466_zps3e831e85.jpg photo nyIMG_9465r_zpsa75785e4.jpg

There were plenty of things to choose from in the taste-bud-tempting display cases. The boys opted for a chocolate cannoli because cannolis are a thing around the Italian folks in this area. We've never had one, so they decided this was the perfect time to try one. And while trying a cannoli, why not choose a chocolate?
 photo nyIMG_9459r_zps9d6f50dc.jpg
They were delicious, eye crossing goodness!
 photo nyIMG_9457r_zps147b163e.jpg


  1. OH MY GOODNESS HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! hahaha Hilarious, and I am jealous. I wanna try a chocolate cannoli! I have no clue what song you are talking about tho! :-p

  2. oh yum! that cannoli looks delicious! cute pictures of the boys! :)


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