Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Was that a crime?

I think I might have committed a federal offense when I was out shooting in the snow on Saturday afternoon. When I emerged from the woods and hit the street, I came out at this driveway of three houses in our neighborhood. I loved the way the mailboxes were topped with snow. The picture before me reminded me of so many images I've seen in the past where the photo portrays a row of mailboxes. I had to snap it! The only problem was with the middle mailbox. The mail had been delivered and a long package was sticking out of that box. It wouldn't look right in my photo! So, I removed it from the box and closed the door. I snapped a couple of photos from various angles, then replaced the package and walked away as if it never happened! Hopefully, no one saw me!

The resulting image is one I really love! Even if it has been overdone in the past, it's never been done by me!
 photo 29IMG_9177r_zps5c16fb22.jpg

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  1. Nice pic! You have a lot more green in the background than I would have expected. I won't tell on you ;)


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