Saturday, February 23, 2013

Arrow of Light Ceremony

Hey, did you wonder where I went? I'm still around! My thoughts have just been preoccupied with other things.

I was sitting here tonight thinking about what I should blog for you guys. I went through photos I've taken recently (which isn't many! More photos are on my phone than my camera card!)

I ran across the photos from the Arrow of Light Ceremony from a month ago. What? I never blogged those? Ok, well, tonight's the night! This ceremony was basically the end of our Cub Scouting life. Son2 isn't crossing over to Boy Scouts. We didn't even attend the Blue and Gold Banquet which was actually this afternoon. Hmm... Sort of sad. Sort of glad. More milestones.

A few den meetings before the big night, we brought all of our patches and "stuffs" from our years in scouting to attach to the Arrow. There are a few spots empty on his because he was going to get patches at the Blue and Gold ceremony. I guess we'll add those when we get them from the den leader.
 photo IMG_0693_zps0bf45c6f.jpg
I love the three different shoulder patches from the three different packs we were in while living in three different places during his Cub Scouting career.

Pinning the ranks on was an honor bestowed to the parents.
 photo IMG_0700_zps642c0b27.jpg

The local Boy Scout troop came in and did a really neat ceremony and reading of the story of the Order of the Arrow.
They were all decked out in costumes for the ceremony.
 photo IMG_0712_zps57f9b671.jpg


  1. That's a really nice idea for displaying all of those patches. Something he can keep--30 years from now some of those may be valuable! I never realized that scouting patches are huge collectibles.

  2. Tell him congratulations from us!! We miss being in the same pack as you!!

  3. I love it! Looks like a sweet ceremony, (LOVE the little campfire!) and I LOVE the display!


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