Monday, November 12, 2012

Lessons learned the hard way

Oh sure, I already knew it, but was ignoring this all important fact.

Winter clothes including heavy shirts and jeans should probably NOT be hung on the same shelf/rack in your closet.

I walked out of the bathroom last night and heard a crash behind me. (My closet is accessed from the master bath.) I thought maybe something had fallen, but needed to get downstairs so I ignored it. A little while later when I went back upstairs, I noticed a sweater lying on the floor of the bathroom just outside the closet door. Hmmm...... I turned on the light and this is what met my eyes.
Yikes! If only turning the light off and ignoring it would fix it! This moved right to the top of my to-do list today.

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  1. Oh yuck! This happened to a friend of mine, she said when she realized what the noise was she was afraid to open the closet door. Kind of reminds me of the time the sink fell off the wall in our bathroom at the other house, not fun at all!!


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