Friday, September 24, 2010

Roller Coasters

When was the last time you were on a roller coaster? Before our Labor Day trip to Everland I can't remember my last time on a roller coaster. Oh, sure, there have been a few rides on kiddie roller coasters with the kids at the fair. But, a real, bonafide, sure fire, turn your insides upside down roller coaster? I must have erased it from my mind. I *think* it may have been at Six Flags over Georgia when I was maybe twenty four. That would make it sixteen years ago. Looonnnnggg before the joys of pregnancy and childbirth AND passing thirty and turning forty changed my body in so many weird ways.

Actually, I was a wee bit afraid of what my body would do on a roller coaster at this point in my life. But, I'm brave. Or I put up a good front in front of my [three] boys. Girls everywhere should be proud! I had us covered. ;)

The first coaster we rode had three flips. Three. It was fun. I didn't lose my breakfast. I didn't pass out. I could walk after it was over. All was good. We walked around the park some more and came back to the T Express.

Looks fun, huh? On the website, they describe it as:
The steepest wooden roller coaster in the world presents sudden drops and sharp rises at 104 km per hour! The most thrilling experience will provide you with great memories!
Everland T Express offers the steepest ride in the world, and with its 77-degree angle, the experience of falling gives an unparalleled roller coaster ride! Potential energy grows bigger according to the height, the mass of the falling object, and the angle, which means that the steepest ride has the biggest potential energy. With a 77-degree angle, T Express offers the best potential energy experience.
You caught that, didn't you? 77-degree angle at 65 miles per hour. Here, let me draw it off for you.
We got off of that baby and Roo asked if we could ride it again. I couldn't say, "NO!" fast enough! I didn't get sick or anything like that. I could still walk a straight line when my feet hit the ground again, but, my head was pounding and I could feel a major, kick my hiney headache coming on. I mean really? I'm forty years old! My body is not supposed to be jerked around like that anymore no matter if I'm pulling Girl Power, Brave and Tough Mom or whatever!

We went for a bite to eat. Went through the haunted house and headed home. I told G-Dub I was too close to snapping to stay there any longer. We'd been there over seven hours at that point anyway. As soon as we got out on the highway, I popped some pain relievers and went to sleep. Slept all the way home. Body recovered from the roller coaster. Maybe next time I'll take the Ibuprofen BEFORE we go. ;)


  1.'re braver than me, Gwen! That 77deg drop sure would have had ME losing my breakfast for sure LOL!

  2. 77 degrees?! holy smokes!! you are definitely brave!! I just can't do coasters like I used to. They jerk me around too much and cause my neck to get all "tore up." I'm not 30 and I can't do it, so you've got one up on me ;)


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