Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mid January

A foggy morning last week.

Can you believe this month is already almost over? How did THAT happen? I guess amid the snow, the almost daily fog around here and the focusing on getting a better start to the new year, the new year prevailed whether we were ready or not. When I look at the calendar and realize the month is almost over, I feel like I've just been going with the flow as I always do. Sometimes that is rather scary when you realize the flow has led you a few days ahead of where you thought you were. February better not fly by me whilst I'm not paying attention! Maybe I should prepare for it better.

I've been thinking a lot lately about schedules and lists. I have NEVER been a good schedule keeper or list maker. Oh sure, I can make a schedule and make a list, but I pretty much stink at keeping up with them and staying on task. I always joke that I have ADD. Sometimes I wonder if I really do. *guilty* I think it's just a sign of the times. We're so caught up in doing so many things and often trying to do them at once, that we get easily distracted and often falter. Or at least I do.

We've been keeping a schedule for schoolwork and it's going quite well this week. I sat down and did an Excel spreadsheet by hour and time block for our subjects. I've been quite amazed at how well it helps the boys, most especially the oldest one stay on task with his work. Maybe I should take some lessons from that. :)

Maybe first on that list for myself should be taking the Christmas lights off the balcony. I have been ignoring those, but you can see them as plain as day in that foggy photo above. They are the only things you can see plain as day in that foggy photo above. LOL BUT, I have a reason for them not being put away. Apparently, I have a fear of heights. I always thought so, but maybe it's just an overactive imagination. For an entire week AFTER I stood out there wrapping the lights around the balcony's rail, I couldn't close my eyes at night for sleep without imagining myself falling off the balcony. It was a weird feeling even though it was my imagination. A feeling I don't ever want to become a reality. So, the lights remain on the balcony. Maybe eventually G-Dub will realize they are there and remove them for me. :) Or maybe I'll get real and do it myself. Maybe...


  1. Yikes about those dreams/imaginations. Scary. I hope you're able to keep on task with your schedule. I wish I was able to do the same--need to get better at it! Also don't feel bad about still having Christmas lights up. I still have ALL my decorations up. I didn't take them down last weekend like I'd intended (oops). Another ADD'er here?

  2. At the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve, I turned to Mark and said...'Christmas will be here before we know it'. lol

    I'm not ready for another year to go speeding by.

    Most of our decorations are packed away, but a few are still on the dining table waiting.....We usually put it all away the weekend after the first of the year. Sometimes it stay up a little longer. My dads family used to keep their decorations up until mid February. That I couldn't deal with.

  3. Never knew you were a glass half empty kinda girl ... for me, the month is only halfway done, not almost over! LOL


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