Thursday, December 4, 2008

Worth the Wait

I just wanted to take a minute and post before we're off catching up on some much needed family time. For those of you who knew he was coming home, he made it! Safe and sound! Yay! We were and are so excited! Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers during these last fifteen months. Wow, what a long time!

He's home for the holidays and home for good!



  1. I am loving the hat! LOL Congratulations and enjoy your much needed family time ;)

  2. Welcome home!! Love R's hat, hehehe.

  3. YEAH!! I'm so happy for you all!
    I've been praying for a safe return for him! Glad he is in your arms now, where he belongs! I can't wait to meet him! Hope its soon!

  4. Welcome home, Gwen's hubby (I was gonna call him Mr. Gwen, lol....I can't read his name or his rank well, sorry!)

    Thanks for your service to our nation. May God bless you with peace this Christmas season.

  5. That is so awesome! I'm so happy for you all! Welcome home!

  6. Woohoo!! Welcome home Gary!!! I'm so glad to see that you're all back together where you belong.


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