Monday, December 8, 2008


Today was a happy day. A happy birthday day! I have been thinking all day that there's no way my "baby" can be seven years old. But, it's true. 2008-2001 is seven.

We had a small celebration this afternoon with just the four of us. We spent some time at ChuckECheese on Saturday celebrating. This year was not a creative year in the cake department - just wasn't feeling it. He opted for an Omnitrix cake from Ben10. A shaker of green sprinkles and a shaker of white sprinkles made that possible with very little creativity on my part. Gosh, I'm a slacker... He loved his cake though, so all is well!

Showing it off with dad:

Posing with the Ben 10 action figures standing guard:

And this? Well, this is what I got when I said, "show me seven fingers". I also got shown the bite of cake in his mouth. *rolleyes* He's such a little goof. LOL


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Little guy! Your cake looks yummy! So nice that DH could be there for the celebration! You are NO Slacker, thats for sure!

  2. Awwwwwwwww!!! Happy birthday to your baby!!!!

    I didn't know we had the same dining room chairs!!! :)


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