Tuesday, December 9, 2008

O Christmas Tree

A few weeks ago in an instant message chat with dh, he asked what we were going to do when he arrived home from Iraq. Since the boys had been asking me a dozen times a day when we were going to put the Christmas tree up, I told him we were waiting on him to put the Christmas tree up. Then I mentioned to him that we should go to a tree farm and cut our own tree for the first time ever. He loved that idea, so held to it and we made plans to find one in the local area. In the next few weeks, the boys continued to ask me when we were going to put the tree up and I continued to remind them that we were waiting for Daddy to come home before we took on that task.

Kim helped me find a local farm as all the ones I found online were near Topeka or Lawrence and too far to drive for just a tree. Thanks, Kim!

So, last Thursday afternoon, after we'd picked dh up late Wednesday night, we headed out for the tree farm. We chose the cutest little tree. It has a perfect shape and smells so good. But, it's too short. LOL Well, not too short, but shorter than our large artificial tree that's sitting in its box in the basement. Hey, we're novices when it comes to tree farm tree choosing. ;) When we were young, if we got a live tree, we did so by going out in the fields around the house and cutting down a cedar regardless of its size.

You can tell we're in Kansas. Look at that KS skyscraper in the background of this photo. ;)

The tree looks great in the living room. It's overloaded with ornaments and is just waiting patiently on the big fat guy to bring the loot for underneath it. ;)


  1. FABULOUS pictures Gwen!! I'm so happy to see that you're celebrating this Christmas together!!

    Merry Christmas Dye's!!

  2. What?! No pictures of the actual tree? I feel robbed! LOL

  3. Very nice tree! I love the family picture! The pictures of you and boys and your DH and the boys are fantastic! You are a beautiful women! I love the skyscrappers by the way! LOL


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