Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Love at first sight!

That's what I felt yesterday when I unwrapped the BIG box with my and dh's name on it under Mom's tree. I think he kind of got cheated on that end of the gift department, but he'll benefit from the process of my using this new baby. AND, he was delighted that she got it for "us" because he knew I'd been wanting one, plus we "almost" bought one recently, but I said to wait a while longer. hehe.... Mom took me seriously when I said if I ever bought one, I'd buy a red one for everyone to see it! LOL Now I'll have to plan to decorate my kitchen to match my KitchenAid mixer. lol

If you were to ask me to list my favorite colors, red, green, black and silver would be at the top of the list. Those were the colors of my Christmas presents this year. My red mixer, some beautiful antique Jadite dishes from MIL, my black lens for my camera and some silver jewelry that dh picked up in Kuwait on his way home from Iraq.

I feel very spoiled this year with Christmas. Either I've been a really good girl this year or everyone thought I deserved a little something special this year. :)


  1. Fun, fun, fun!!! I love my Kitchenaid, even if it is boring white ;) heheheh.

    And yeah, I think you deserve to be treated extra special too.

  2. Wow! I'm envious! What a fantastic gift.

    I've gotten to be extremely partial to red. I've started using it quite a bit for accent decorating. Not long ago I bought three huge jars for storing flour on the kitchen counter - they've got bright red metal lids. lol

  3. dang you! 2 people I know who got kitchen-aids, and yours is just what I want--RED! :P I hope you enjoy it!! I'm jealous! hehe

  4. Lucky you! Enjoy it! Kevin really wants one of these.

  5. Good thing my dh isn't looking over my shoulder right now, or he'd be drooling all over me. He wants a Kitchen Aid so bad, but they are expensive, we wouldn't use it that much, and we have no space for it. At least that's what I tell him ;) I'm thinking about buying one for Christmas next year, so I have to stick to my excuses for 12 more months LOL

  6. Awesome gift!! I LOVE mine! (but you knew that already LOL)


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