Friday, April 4, 2014

Powder Room Reveal

Remember back in *cough* January when I showed you my before photos of my powder room and talked about what I wanted to do there?

A week or so later, I shared with you how I'd removed the wallpaper. That was here. That

Yeah. It had to go and go it did!

I was left with a beautiful blank slate.

Wowza! Is it bright in here or is it just me?

After that post, I left you hanging. It wasn't because I wasn't finished in my powder room or because it was taking me forever to complete. I finished it with the exception of artwork on the walls. I just got busy with substitute teaching and life. Blogging got put on hold for a bit. Sorry!

I LOVED the bright white and light walls, but I decided that the room needed some color. I had picked up a little "Water Closet" sign
at World Market back in January with plans to use it in this room. That didn't provide color though. Because "Water Closet" isn't really
a word we, Americans, call our bathrooms, I used that sign as the theme for my room, travel. I had some of my favorite photos from our
travels printed and went to work hanging them. My original intent was black and white photos.
 photo IMG_2001_zps3ac1d7b7.jpg
I'm not sure I'll leave it on this wreath. But, for now, the wreath gives it a little more umph than it would have standing alone.

A trip to Target in search of a rug changed my black and white photo intentions. I've tried three different rugs in this room. Each one
stops the door from opening freely. I knew I had to be careful with a new rug because of this. I couldn't go with a
standard plush bathroom rug. I was looking for thin rugs, but with substance. My eyes landed on this one and there was
no turning back. It's completely unlike the tame, muted, earthy choices I always make, but I loved it!
 photo IMG_2004_zpsc60bbc87.jpg
Can you see why?
 photo IMG_2002_zps8926a2f5.jpg
I pulled colors from the rug and found photos from our travels that had those colors in them:
- The old black truck in front of the yellow train from Kansas.
- Seaside Heights Boardwalk before Hurricane Sandy changed this whole landscape scene.
- My black and white canvas of the Empire State Building as center focus just because I wanted to use it so badly regardless of colors!
- Our view of Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head, Hawaii from the boat.
- The Philippines taxi photo I dearly love.
 photo IMG_1995_zps2e30a682.jpg
I accented this photo gallery with a wooden plate I'd picked up at a thrift shop. I just painted it with a
color I picked up in a sample pot at Lowes. It is the exact color of the blue/green in the rug!
The whole gallery of photos is above the beadboard wallpaper on the full wall opposite the doorway.
 photo IMG_1996_zps183f74d9.jpg
The paint color for the wallpaper is a creamy white. The top wall color is a very light beige/khaki color.
It's hard to capture the exact colors in the photos with my external flash and the incandescent light of the room.

I changed my light fixture to something a little less glamor and hot lights.
 photo IMG_1968_zps61b41d9e.jpg

I also completed framing out my mirror including all the little extra cutting to
accommodate the electric outlet and the mirror hanging hardware.
 photo IMG_1931_zpsc54d6745.jpg

One last thing on my list of things to do in here is replace the faucet. I just haven't gotten to that yet!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

All About Art

A few months ago, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she had two gift certificates to a local art shop, All About Art, for one of their painting sessions. She was moving out of town and was offering the gift certificates to the first friend who responded. That would be me. :) I've been watching along to see when they offered a class/painting that I might like to have. Nothing ever really came up that peaked my interest. The only ones that did had already been offered.

Well, it's Spring Break this week. Teen is in Nicaragua on a Mission Trip, so that leaves Roo and me home alone. I needed to go to E'prise today to check on some things. I decided it would be a great time for us to see if we could use those gift certificates and be a little creative! Roo chose a bank to paint while I chose one of the previously offered canvas paintings to "copy". He finished his bank before I finished my canvas, so he also painted a quick canvas.

 photo IMG_1646_zps3029414d.jpg
See the bird I was using as my example? Mine doesn't look exactly like that, but I do love how it came together (especially since I'm not a painter.) ;)
 photo IMG_1648_zpsbc33e4f1.jpg
I need to touch up my bird's eye. I couldn't for the life of me get it to look right while in the shop. I decided to call it quits and finish it at home. I'll share the finished canvas when I'm done! Promise!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Something in Red

Ok, fine. I will admit it as if no one already knew it... my favorite color is RED! Red car. Red purse. Red Camelbak water bottle that goes everywhere with me. Red phone case. Red KitchenAid mixer. Red bread box. Red... Well, you get the picture. Funny thing is I don't wear a lot of red. Hmm.

I have been focusing on the front porch lately, just ways I can spruce up the curb appeal of our house. Our house is gray with darker gray shutters. White trim and a gray-ish brick on other parts of the house. Remember this photo from last summer?
And this one after I added two white rockers to the front porch on the right side?
I knew I needed a table for between those rockers. I found a little junk one at a yard sale for $5. I debated about what color to paint it. My first thought was ____. You filled in the blank, right? I tried NOT to paint it red. I tried to think of every other color that might work. In the end, I painted it red. :) Then, I started looking at the porch swing my dad made for me. Bare wood which needed sealed (or painted). Yeah, the wheels started turning last week. Red table between the white chairs and yep, you guessed it, RED swing. I couldn't talk myself into it though. I kept going back and forth. Finally, I just did it. I bought the cans of spray paint and got to work.

And, then, in my "If you give a mouse a cookie" fashion, I started thinking about the door. The blah, not jazzy, no sparkle, no fun gray door with the gray sidelights that blend with everything else. An idea ensued which led to a Pinterest search with results here: Gray house red front door Yeah. That was probably a mistake. I can't stop thinking about anything but a red front door now!
I mean, seriously? Look at this with its white side lights. Click for So pretty!

I sat down this morning and sloppily played in Photoshop with my photo from above.

Be still my heart...

To be continued....